Quantum Computing

The National Quantum Initiative Act (NQI Act) was signed into law by President Trump on December 21, 2018 “to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.”

One of the Federal agencies working with NQI is IARPA – The Intelligence Advanced Projects Activity (IARPA), which sponsors several applied research programs that explore quantum computing. You can learn more about QIS activities at IARPA here: https://www.iarpa.gov/index.php/research-programs/quantum-programs-at-iarpa.

**One of the articles on IARPA’s site is an article, Can Quantum Computing Save the World?.. The article has a short video about quantum computing which blew my mind. Here’s the link: **

Quantum computers do not yet exist, but I imagine Bitcoin Mining would be extremely fast with a Quantum Computer.

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My concern would be a 51% takeover…