Questions about the Dai Giveaway

Hey @amadeobrands @ivan @filip,

Have you guys picked the winners for the Dai giveaway contest? I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I won so that I can use the Dai to put up the stake required to participate in HackMoney.

No rush…I know you guys are busy…just wondering if you already completed the contest and just emailed the winners privately.

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We are planning a DeFi 101 QA
During this QA We will do the Give Away.


Awesome I look forward to it!

Great Q&A @amadeobrands!

Looks like you forgot to announce the Dai winners though : (

Heyyy man yes I did forget that I was so overwelmed with all the qwestions :open_mouth:
But we did a slection after the Q&A and we selected 5 winner that all win $100 DAI :smiley:

Please let me know if this email has came and if there are any qwestions.