Run the code and get some testnet Eth

Hello there,

I am in the last phase of the Defi 101 Course and I am stuck in the last tasks.

If I reach one of those links it is not clear to me how I should " Run the code" Could somone please assist ?

Thank you in advance!

  1. In order to get DAI on the test blockchain you need ETH as collateral, yes? The faucet links you provided above will give you ETH you can use on the Kovan test blockchain
  2. “Run the code” does not refer to the “get some testnet ETH” step. The code you need to download and run is the Dai Savings Rate code from github (

Also note the giveaway is over (winners were already chosen), but it’s still a good practice exercise. @amadeobrands should update the course material to reflect the giveaway has already happened.


Thank you for your clear explanation @mayjer.
I appreciate your time :slight_smile:

Thanks will ask @ivan to update this please.

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