SegWit2x is Cancelled

I expected the price to drop but it has barely done anything significant

maybe it will when bitconnect fails and creats a bad reputation for cryptos in general

Based on previous ‘bad news’ the bitcoin network has received, it will only increase lol

What’s up with bch? Someone is serious pumping.

korea, according to boxmining.

USI-tech seems to be another scammy paracitical company feeding off the Bitcoin name. Open mined as I am I took a look into it when approached. One of their claims was that the had 2.5% of the mining for ETH and BTC. A quick look online at the current mining pools proved that wrong. I showed this to the representative who said “I don’t know the technical in and outs but I believe in this company” No doubt the time will come when these idiots damage the reputation of cryptos.

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dang yeah we will have more and more of those I guess. I mean now there is maybe 3 % of humanity involved, but if it’s getting zo 10%, with all these kids talking about how much money they made, people will simply jump into things like this and get scammed… I still wait what happens when bcc goes down. clif says maybe till the first week of december.

Thanks for the research. I hope it safes some people from investing in it :smiley:

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