Small business owner with an idea but don't know where to start

Hi everyone,

I have an idea to streamline my business and want to make a dapp to do it. Before I dive into Ivan’s 40 hr course, I feel like I need to make some important preliminary decisions. Let me preface by saying I am not experienced in coding, but have been researching crypto for about 10 years, so it might sound like I know something but I really am most likely missing huge chunks of the big picture on how it is all connected, or basing plans off of wrong assumptions.

What I need my dapp to do:

  1. ERC20 tokenization with the capacity for a lot of proof of stake nodes.
  2. Process a lot of transactions per second. Like visa fast.

EOS or ETH? I like EOS, but I don’t believe there’s ERC20 tokenization, and I want more than 21 nodes. I like ETH more but I think the transaction speeds are too slow with that many nodes in a lottery PoS consensus.

So in my search I see hedera hashgraph (hbar) can handle a lot more transactions at a fraction of the cost of ETH transactions and can be written in solidity? And it has ERC capabilities. Would Ivan’s course teach me how to build using hbar currency written with solidity? Could I use a combo of HTML/ JavaScript to develop a user friendly interface that connects my app to a screen, device, or computer in one universal app?

Well thats my project idea. How much of a dream is it? Is it even possible? Thanks for any advice in advance,



Chris I would like to help you make this dream happen

Hi. Thanks for replying, not sure if you got my last reply. lost connection. What is the next step?

We set up a zoom…

too talk about the idea