Smart Contract Metadata TokenURI

Hello everyone!

I’m creating an ethereum NFT token [ currently using erc721 standard, but may switch to erc1155 ]

I have some questions I was hoping you all could provide some insight on token metadata

I have been using ERC721 metadata extension ( see here for the technicals: )

1.) How is metadata interacted with?
2.) How can I verify the metadata is valid and functional?
3.) Most importantly, how can I add an image to my token within wallets? Can I use the image within the metadata token URI ? How does this work? ( Do different wallets have different metadata functionality ? ) Specifically, I am using Trust wallet, and I see it has an area for NFT collectibles, does trust wallet have the ability to pull in metadata?

I am excited to keep making progress on this token, I could not have made it this far without Filip’s lessons and the community at Ivanontech.

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