SRS - System Requirement Specification

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I believe Agile can still be used in mission critical software.
It is to be able to adapt to change if for some reason things change.
For example, in the train stop/go light example, it is possible that hardware that control the light (PLC) could change while developing the solution. So it is better to develop the software solution so that you do not depend on a specific hardware and protect yourself from dependencies which may change over time.


Train System is an excellent example that brings in many dynamics; legal, liability, logistics are examples as to why. Usually equipment and planning is laborious for durability and safety. Upgrades are planned according to a schedule encompassing obsolescence, lifespan, and anticipated use. An SRS is critical.


What are examples of using both SRS (system requirements specification) and Agile?
It seems much better to use both system but can be a lot of work in my opinion, but if it worth the effort then its a win-win situation.

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Hello sir, yes has you said, it’s much better to implement both use cases, but that depend on the project, often than just develop both use cases.

Here are some links to give you a better understanding on the subject:

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That’s very helpful, thank you! :fist_right: :fist_left:


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With SRS we define our software with as much detail as possible.
It’s important to be able to make a judgement - do you want to use SRS - Ideal for mission critical software where there is a lot of certainty in the project such as in designing a system for controlling a train network, which might also be a five year project with a very clear remit versus something like a dating app start up where there is a lot of uncertainty - where you need an MVP, scrum, sprints and agile. It’s important to be able to judge whether you need SRS or AGILE, and sometimes you might need to use both.

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