Staking ethereum

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Ivan recommends purchasing 32 eth to stake in the future could I get more info on this please

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try to research everything about “ethereum 2.0” (youtube videos, etherscan forum, medium lectures), it might be a big upgrade for ethereum and for now their researching if switch from POW to POS would be (or not) a nice idea for ethereum. Still, this might take a lot of time, probably some few years, remember those are just propositions, still im encourage you to start learning about that :slight_smile:

Hi Rish,
In order to stake Ethereum you are required to have min. 32 ETH. The consensus is soon (rumors talk about May) changing from PoW to PoS (Ethereum 2.0), which will increase the scalability. According to Vitalkik there is a working Block Explorer for the Beacon Chain available.
So if you want to stake your existing (Ver. 1.0 ETH), you can do so and lock up your 32 ETH in the fist phase of Ethereum 2.0 in a contract. In return you will be credited 32 (or as many as you locked) ETH 2.0 on the Beacon Chain. At that point you can then start earning your rewards.
What I yet don’t know if there meanwhile is a decision been made if it will be a one- or a two-way bridge between the two chains. This is still what I am waiting for in order to decide if I am going to stake my ETH or not…
Does someone know if there will be a one- or two-way bridge?


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Here is an article summarizing on what you must be careful about first before staking ETH:

There is that one concern I have when it comes to staking.

6. You can’t re-join once you exit

If you’ve performed a voluntary exit, or been slashed, you won’t be able to rejoin. This means if you want to be a validator again, it’ll require an additional 32 ETH deposit and a new validator account.

Does that mean that I will have to deposit 64 ETH on a new validator account when I rejoin?

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If you’ve performed a voluntary exit, or been slashed, you won’t be able to rejoin. It probably means for the same validator ID, so you have to create a new validator in order to rejoin (kinda like starting again with a new wallet).

If you have any doubt, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.