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Hi guys

I am not great at all this I have downloaded the brave browser but I’m not receiving bat tokens can someone share the process I am obviously missing something also what if you want to use it on multi devices please

Hey, I have been using brave for about 1-3 months now. I just got payed for December for watching the ads. So it is not immediate that you get them. End of each month I think.

I have been using brave browser has my default for quite some time now, probably a year, i dont remember, but i got paid time to time, for example this last week i receive a paid for december ads, months before, i got another one, i got a value of around 10$ in BAT token for probably 4 -5 months of holding and using the browser…not much, but its better than chrome right? at least i got paid for deal with ads, something that we all do…

PD: i always withdraw any paid i receive from uphold, send it to an address which i own, i recommend people dont trust uphold, dont leave your funds there.

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I am using the brave browser on all my pc´s and mobile devices for quite some time. To earn BAT first of all it is essential that your jurisdiction/region/country is allowed to do so and therefore the function is available. But basically Brave browser shows you if you are allowed to receive brave rewards. Maybe you also need to turn them on. In my case it took Brave a couple of months but now I can receive tokens. Second you can only receive BAT if you get ads from registered participants (companies, content creators, publishers, etc.). The ecosystem is growing very fast but compared to the hole web still not big :slight_smile: so not every ad you might see rewards you with tokens.
I get tokens every month and the info is clearly available in the brave rewards section. But as the others mentioned as well at least for now it is not much. But I love the browser so far and beside 1 or 2 small issues it works perfect! Hope that info is helping you.

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Thanks for all your help

You need to:
1.Go in the brave reward tab
2.Go to the ads section and set how many ads per hour you want to see.
3.Setup your brave reward wallet. Save private keys. And you’re ready to go.

2.1 you need to verify yourself with uphold to be able to withdraw, there an icon rigth side of the nav bar (purple triangle) click you’ll see a verify wallet top-left corner. Do that process and you are 100% READY to go :wink::heart:

For future references that’s the full process.

Also note:

  • that brave have an integrated version of metamask, it possible to use it instead. Setting up metamask and brave wallet(not to confound with the brave reward wallet) can create confusion in web3 sites so use one or the other.
  • its is not possible to sync/link mobile and desktop reward wallets at the moment. You’ll simply have two reward wallets accumulating separately.

Personally I’ve been using it for 6-7month at max ads per hour and i made around 70$ usd in bat.
Cheer have a good day evr1! :wink::grin::heart::heart::heart:

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Sorry markdown killing me from mobile xD :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

Hey guys @filip @ivan,

The academy website does not work well on the Brave browser. The web pages look weird and also the videos do not stream smoothly. Had youtube on another window and it was streaming perfectly, so I know it wasn’t my internet.

Had to download Firefox and things work fine on that, including academy videos.

Don’t know if you are already aware of this, just wanted to let you know.

Thank you!