Transaction question about Metamask

Hi everybody,

I wanted to buy DOS through Uniswap with Metamask as an intermediary.
I gave an order for the equivalent of 3 ETH.

After a few seconds, this order was canceled, with the mention: Fail with error ‘UniswapV2Router: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT’.

Can you explain to me what that means? (I’m brand new to crypto).

Was the amount too high to meet a sufficient sell and if so how can I know the ASK / BID on this crypto.

Many thanks in advance for your response.

Did you have 3ETH worth in the wallet + fee’s etc? Also, ensure the “gas fee” amount in the metamask window is of the appropriate amount. (in many cases I want the transaction over and done with, and will pay for the privilege)

There have been some interesting problems lately with cost of tx’s rising because of widespread spamming of the mempool. Be vigilant.