Unable to find my tutor

Good morning,

From NYC. so i contacted ivan on tech to get a tutor. the tutor replies on the dash board i should see his email. went on my dashboard for Kajabi and dont see a section for emailing my tutor. Then 2nd he states i don’t see you in the forum. which made me upset because i’ve been doing the readings and answering the homework assignments and passed all the quiz’s so far in javascript. he then tells me if i skip assignemnts the community will skip you lol. i’m pretty upset at reading this. because like i have stated i have been doing this. telling me i have to take this course serious and follow guidelines. or they will invalidate my certification. so apparently i was suppose to start with. so my question here is what quiz was i suppose to take once i purchase ivan on tech academy waiting for me on the dashboard. because i was never prompt to take any quiz & he is also telling me that i have to take the blockchain & bitcoin 101 & etherum 101 course. which i have no issue doing. but i’ve already started the javascript. anyways thanks for listening to me rant… offer some advice below so i can get on the right path please & thank you!!! @ivga80


Hi Travis

As a beginner in the Academy myself I cannot help you with the tutor experience but the quiz is located on the dashboard page:

I see that you are enthusiastic to get your hands dirty on the real stuff but I do advise to go trough the Bitcoin 101 and Ethereum 101 courses. They are very good and did help me get a much better blockchain understanding.


Thank you so much for your reply!!! i just finished taking the quiz! and yea i’m ready to get my hands dirty !!!


I don’t have that option on my dashboard. Is this for Premium members only?

@bsmccall Sup bro. You have to login on your PC to see this. i was using me cell and iPad & didn’t see it. Use the link above and you’ll see all the information you need. the quiz who’s your counselor & the study plan laid forth for you.

ahhh thanks brother. I’m using Brave browser on my PC and still not seeing it. Must be only for premium members. Ill get there after I do the basic courses!

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I was thinking the same thing. I don’t get that option… I am not Premium.