What about Universal Basic Income to solve the Corona Crisis

What about UBI to solve the Corona Economic Financial Colaps Global Stimulus ?


Giving free money will only make the economy worse in my opinion. But in a way it has to be done. We will see what will happen when the corona ends, and when the velocity of money picks up again :confused:

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With all of the people out of work who won’t be going back I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this. It’s basically another name for welfare, and will create more people dependent on the government. To be honest I support the idea, not so much for myself but for all of the people who are deeply conditioned to believe the best way to take important actions is to “leave it to the experts.”
It’s unfortunate, but this societal conditioning is very powerful and people become set in their ways. It’s not their fault so I have a lot of sympathy.

The whole reason I’m in the academy revolves around independence and freedom.

“ If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”


I agree. Powerful and inspiring words! Thanks. :muscle:


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In simple terms it’s borrowing wealth from the unborn generations. I would die from shame if I ever have to explain to my kids that the reason why their life standard is worse than mine, is because long time ago I accepted the idea of UBI. I would much rather have an honest monetary system. Unfortunately our current “masters” have their heads stuck up their asses so deep and for so long, that they cannot help to continue this monstrously destructive policy. :frowning:


You can bet on that . Great quote

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If you raise everyone’s income, expenses will just go up to absorb that money. Whenever there are finite resources people will have to compete for them and whoever pays the most will get them. If people make $200/month then rents will be $100/month. If they make $2000/month then rents will be $1900/month or whatever all the costs of living will support in that area.

Why do you think Health Care and Housing have gone up dramatically? Lots of government money pumped into the system with low-interest loans (free money). Prices of scarce things rise to absorb whatever people can afford. You can make twice as much money but if food and rent cost twice as much what did it gain you?

The only way to wealth is to create more goods and services in proportion to the population, not just give out free money. Money is just the hydraulic fluid that moves energy around the economy. The only wealth money represents is what it’s capable of buying.

If we get to the point where machines can create everything for us (unlimited resources), then maybe free money wouldn’t be a problem because there’d be very few jobs available anyway so people would have to be provided for somehow. People would just not be needed (except for the software people who make the machines work and they would be fantastically wealthy).