What platform will be THE platform by 2023?

  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • EOS

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@Lamar Please also add Avalanche to this list.

will do that and update right away:)

Didnät work tho update or change, will vreate a new after it ends:) DO you have any other suggestions on hot platforms?

How about Elrond Network @Lamar? It really has a very good number of TPS. And it has really been doing a lot of work lately to onboard as much people as possible. In fact Elrond will be launching it’s Maiar app this January 31st.

I didn’t know that to be honest. I’ve just checked out the top at MC and I feel that there’s alot of platforms and some already have good projects going on, take ICON that will develop driver licenses so what I’m interested in is what platform will be the best platform in the coming years, so I can pick one to learn coding. And also as an investment ofc:P