Who runs Crypto?

I did a little research on who actually runs Crypto?

I think thats pretty easy to answer and to my knowledge the most powerful Person in Crypto is Peter Thiel and the CIA
Wikipedia link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Thiel

Peter Theil started together with Elon Musk PayPal and also was 1 of the first funders of Facebook together with CIA recruits Shawn Parker and Shaun Fenning.

Peter Theil also runs Palantir a CIA company

Thiel also funded coinbase, bitpay and lots of other crypto projects, he also funded Ethereum and holds large shares in Ripple and is now backing a new stable coin - Reserve Token or so- (as time of this writing i couldnt find more infos about this new token but i will update asap)

Im not trying to push conspiracy theories- those are actually facts

Peter Thiel and his SiliconValley Gang run the Crypto space together with the CIA and not just Crypto the whole online finance market and also Space ( Elon Musks Space X) adn Big Donny Donald Trump is a huge Fan of Peter Thiel and Elon Musk. Thiel also officially financially supports Donald Trump!

Peter Thiel and Elon Musk and a few other runs the tech and financial world and if you guys are interessted in making money, start by researching Peter Thiel and the projects he backs or invests in and you be on the good side.

Peter Thiels track record: Facebook, ethereum, PayPal, palantir etc.

And of course they are big investors of the SingularityNet(AGI) Platform ~ Skynet

And guys dont fall for the BS that banks arent into Crypto
Peter Thiel is a former Credite Suisse HedgeFund manager and Stanford graduate so are most of the BitcoinCore developers…

things dont just happen accidentially in the global financial market- crypto is a well planned Project by the brightest and richest people of that planet, well this is my opinion :wink: the rest i said you can research easily on google and youtube and crunchbase and wikipedia

maybe Toshi Times could do an article of who runs crypto and the storys and connections of the most powerfull crpto figures

interesting idea thanks

I think so
Its really mindblowing when researching Peter Thiel and his Friends and going down that Rabbit Hole.

I wonder why not more people talk about it, Thiel(Thiel Fund) literrally “runs” 1/3 of the Top 10 coins on CMC.

But be carefull teh rabbit hole on this dude goes fucking deep, especially once you do research on Saudi Arabia and Data mining centers etc…
The Thiel fund also owns a bunch of Casinos in Vegas and i think Macau but once you reach that point…

Seriously ther is lots of open info about him and “they” are really intelligent powerfull guys that are also invest big in life extension research etc…

To sum it up Peter Thiel and his friends work on leaving the planet and live forever as rich Fu**ks and all backed by Donald Trump and the CIA

I would love a real good story about them, they give so much subject matter its mind blowing

Pretty much any web technology used in the western world like facebook, linked in, paypal, ethereum, napster, amazonetc. etc. can be linked back to thiel and the CIA or both

Im not sure on what part google and the whole Alphabet Group plays in this, if they work together under the hood or if they compete, i dont know

at least i couldnt find any direct links between google and the peter thiel gang


thats the newest project

When talking such serious assertions man has to use some references, not only to cite Wikipedia! After all - there was once an article on Wikipedia stating that Kazakhstan is the greatest (or something like that) country of the world :slight_smile:
One can easily find on the Internet everything that this person search. Any kind of an information or disinformation. All you have to do is to believe in something in advance and construct your query accordingly. This way - the Earth is flat (like bottom of a pan)!
Who knows - maybe you’re right? Possibly… but most probably not. I do need some other references - not just search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia. Anyway - interesting idea.
BTW - I do also think that Ivan should do same episode on this subject. I believe he’s more vigilant in stating something like this.

This is like suggesting that Warren Buffet controls the Dow Jones!
Peter Thiel is an investor who specialises in tech companies, so what?

what else other than wikipedia, google, crunchbase and youtube can i offer??
Unfortunatly i dont hang out with him and so I dont know his next steps, however Peter Thiel is a very pubic figure and google i full of articles about him.

And if im right or not? I dont understand- that he was one of the first investors of facebook and funded ethereum, palantir and other projects, those are facts- at least to that part that he is involved and invested in there.

Im not trying to research him to the point were I follow every cent what he spends, my point of Peter Thiel and Elon Musk is that they are in my opinion the ones that “run crypto” at tleast those are the most influential people, in technology.

The whole circleof Peter Thiel is very interessting and very inovative and aboslutly worth a “reseach” because not that there products change the world, even more interesting is that they are mostly in crypto and therefore its possible for the average joe to invest in their projects.

I agree Ivan or ToshiTimes should do something on them

When I told you what I told you I’ve only meant that it might be misleading to use the stories taken from the Internet as facts. But - you’re right - probably there aren’t better sources of some story if man thinks on arguments of a story. I’m scientist so I like to see some references, Wikipedia isn’t one of these. On an other hand you can take Crunchbase as a starting point of some investigation. If this person is well known public person then it’s possible to skim through his profiles on various social networks and see if some data is consistent. Is your story possible? Of course it is.
One thing thou - you stating some strong assertions and such things need great scrutiny and investigation. Also - what do you mean when you said “who runs Crypto”? Is it like “who own Crypto”? Like some property? I know that lot of whales are capable of manipulating the market… but owning open source software… because - that is what Crypto (mainly) is. What about many developers around the world? Sure, you can direct with some small group of core developers - but - do you think all of the big cryptocurrencies will stop to exist if group of core developers disappear? That’s my point. Nobody owns Crypto field. Someone obviously has started all this, somebody is most influential - but it not means that this person(s) owns Crypto.

When I say who “runs” crypto i was talking about the most influencial people in this space not necessarily who holds the most coins.

Im sure there are some people on this planet that hold a substantial amount of bitcoin or any other currency were they could influence the market(price) but i dont necessarily talk about them.
Like I said in case with Peter Thiel he “runs, started, invested heavily, funded” some big crypto companies and he obviously is connect enough to influence the market, yet my term runs the show

its the same with the president we all know he aint running shit, but we still give a president credit for “running the country”

however i think Thiel has more power than most presidents but well…

but i get your point dude

I get your point too :slight_smile:
Thank you for the clarification. Surely - somebody has to be most influential person, somebody who invested heavily in many projects. You know this subject much better than me - so what can I tell you? Thank you for this discussion, I see - we can became friends.

:hugs: Spot on:+1: …