Yield farming on YAMv2?

I wanna try yield farming on YAMv2 (https://yam.finance/farms) and put in some LINK. Has anyone tried it? Do I select the “Unstake” button or what? Seems a bit odd to me, shouldn’t it say “Deposit”?

I tried clicking “Unstake” and then I’m supposed to add an amount of LINK. Is that the way it works?

I’m asking because I find the word “Unstake” a bit confusing.

Ya generaste el paso a paso que indica la web?

En este momento tengo entendido que lo que estan haciendo es migrando los tokens de v1 a YamV2

I wouldn’t bother with YAM mate. BE
est using CRV and lock up you’re funds to the DAO they have going… Amything less than 1k is not really worth it.


I have migrated v1 to v2, yes. But maybe they haven’t opened for depositing yet. We’ll see.

Hm, maybe not, I was just curious, and though I learn something.
Curve is the next thing I need to put my head into; it’s all over the place.
You mean anything less than USD 1k is not worth putting inte the CRV DAO thing? Why not?

The way I see it is that it’s always better to get something from these services that just hodling the tokens.

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