Where are you from? Let's connect!

HI fellow students

I would like to take advantage of this forum to reach out and connect.

How about we use this to connect and help each other in business and to make contacts?

Also, Im happy to meet up in case you are nearby? Where are you right now?


Great idea @tanja
Nice to meet you i´m from San Jose Costa Rica.

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Hi @tanja @Thaddeus19
Nice to meet you. I am Serbian at the moment in Serbia, next I will be in Dubai and Sweden. It’s actually great idea to connect. I am coming from almost 2 months in America there so so much people don’t know about it all … including me that’s why I signed up for this course and Toshi Times forum is wonderful to connect.


Hi @Thaddeus19 @Viola @tanja,
Nice to meet you all. I’m from Bulgaria. I can help anyone with a custom computers, servicing or parts for computers.


@Milko_Tsanzov Thanks and nice to meet you
@Viola Little by little, countries are adopting or becoming familiar with technology and that is why we must go one step further. In favor of the decentralized ecosystem doption

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Hi @tanja and other fellow students, nice to meet you
I’m experienced backend programmer, located in Austria/Slovenia/EU


Nice to meet you @mattprime

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Nice to meet you all…
@Viola . is that pic form Burning Man? Nice shot
@Thaddeus19 Costa Rica… so great! I heard its a really beautiful country!
@Milko_Tsanzov Bulgaria nice… next summer I want to visit…
@mattprime hallo nach Ă–sterreich!

I divide my year between Switzerland and a Greek island. Looks like we are a very international crowd!

What courses are you all at right now?

@tanja yes so beatiful
Right now I am taking the Blockchain Business Masterclass

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Does anyone have previous blockchain experience?

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great question… no, that’s why we are here

what do you do now?

I only have knowledge of what I read in news such as cointelegraph.com, and so also enter here. Because I want to learn the whole background of this Blockchain world and be able to contribute to it.

You can always join the Ivan On Tech Academy Discord server.


Great @Fabrice I will join immediately

Nice to meet you @tanja and everyone here, I’m from Nigeria, if you meet anyone in my loc in need of assistance (IT solutions & blockchain) feel free to contact me.
I’m glad to be here
Many thanks to Ivan & Filip.

Oh! you can call me Jerry, but I’m such a freak in this space.


nice, Every student in the IvanOnTech academy is welcome :+1:

hi to all. nice to connect. I wonder if there will ever be an “Ivan Academy Reunion” in the real world :slight_smile:


Then we must organize something very soon,
I’ll bring belgian beer and chocolat,
who takes care of the food and music? because my music is bit to technical for you guys :grinning:

I will bring Swiss Chocolate and we ll make an exchange… which chocolate is better… :wink:


Hello all!
I am living in Spain…doing the Blockchain developer track right now, hoping to become a programmer some day in the future… who knows?!
hope your studies are going great!