Which hardware wallet would guys recommend?

Hi awesome people,
I am looking for some advice about which hardware wallet I should get. I know that there are Ledger Nano S and Trezor. Which is the most secure and can you access your funds if the wallet breaks by using your seed phrase?

Much appreciated


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I personally think Ledger’s wallets are better because to me looks and durability make a huge difference. But if that doesn’t matter to you I’d suggest going with Trezor.
A good thing to note is Ledger also supports a larger variety of coins than Trezor.
To read more on Trezor vs Ledger I’d suggest taking a look at this: https://www.exodus.io/blog/trezor-vs-ledger/
and this: https://medium.com/coinmonks/ledger-vs-trezor-best-hardware-wallet-to-secure-cryptocurrency-22c7a3fd391e

Regarding recovery: You can use your seed phrase to re-generate your wallet and it’s contents so hold on to that recovery phrase as if your life depended on it :laughing:

There are also a bunch of threads about this you can read (links here)

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Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time in answering my question :grinning:
I guess I have some research to do, but yes I have had my eye on Nano S as well, but needed to hear some guys from the academy :slight_smile:

My brain is my wallet regarding the seed phrase. :slight_smile:

Have a good one mate.

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I would absolutely recommend the Ledger Nano and if you decide to purchase do NOT buy from Amazon or any third party. Buy it directly from Ledger to insure no one messed with it. I’ve had mine since 2017 and have no issues with it. You can download Ledger Live and it’s very easy to send and receive. If I can figure it out, anybody can. I’m a few years away from retiring!


Hi Cathy,
Thx, for the reply, I have being doing some research, and it seems that the Trezor is more secure than the Ledger Nano, don’t get me wrong the Ledger is still super secure. But, the quality of the Trezor seems not as good as the Ledger Nano :slight_smile: . Conclusion, I am going for the Ledger Nano.

Ledger Nano S has given me great experience. Also cheaper and less cumbersome.

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buy 2 m use the same seed phrase as it is your seed that is what you need to protect. You buy a Tezor and then Nano S and have the same seed phrase.


Love the ledge
It’s secure. Has an awesome front end. Supports most crypto.

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The Ledger. The Trezor can sometimes be completely wiped during firmware upgrades. To date I have NOT seen that happen with my Ledger Nano S which I’ve owned for a couple of years now.

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There should be not much difference. I first bought Trezor One and I was happy because of it’s outstanding usablillity. Then I bougth Legdger Nano X because it supports more coins and has more memory than the Ledger Nano S, which only supports a handful of coins at once. I would prefer Trezor if it would support more coins. So I think in the end it depends on what coins you would like to have supported.