HTML Basics Dicsussion

This thread is for discussing everything related to the very basics of HTML. If you didn’t understand something - this is where you can ask questions and help other people who are wondering something!


Can i use Visual Studio Code like my editor? or i have to use only Atom? Thanks


I bet you can use what ever you want to but my suggestion as a fellow student is to use Atom because it will be easy to follow up :slight_smile: I haven’t finished fully but there wouldn’t be too much difference anyways.


Yes, you can use whatever you want.


Re: atom download
Do I want Atom to handle atom URIs ? Yes/No ?

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Not neccessary, you can click no.


thanks for the quick reply!

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Visual Studio Code is way better than atom in my opinion. When I started learning coding a year ago, I only stuck with atom. It was until March when one of my favorite web dev youtuber said “atom was so 2016” and before then, I heard many other devs started switching to vscode from atom. As soon as I started with vscode, I fell in love with it. It’s faster, less prone to crash, and already has emmet and other packages that makes it easier.

If you decide to switch to vscode, I’d recommend watching this video first


for ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS it comes up with two download options a .deb or a .rpm which would be best suited for what we are doing?

i installed both lol its .deb

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.deb is the correct file format t use for ubuntu and other Debian derivatives. .rpm is for Red Hat linux, CentOS and others that are descended from Red Hat.


VSCode is great editor.
In fact, you can use any editor even windows Notepad as long as you save your files with .html extension. Other advance editors provide assistance by color coding and indenting your code, and some of them also does provide suggestions.


hello so i know that we read about how to do list within the first article!!! but i cant seam to get my list to look like this
rather it looks like this
1 2 3
i have tried both ul and ol as well as adding specifics like list-style-type
any advice on how to get my list bulleted i figured it would have been by default?

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From a totally NEWBIE point of view.
Following the tutorials, then the video, then the assignment, it’s completely IMPERATIVE to first fully read the content from link

where it’s even easier to understand the exercises than the video. Enjoying a lot the methodology. Feels like a happy kindergarden for adults. Keep it up Ivan!.


GOT IT!!! i was typing ls like i would in my terminal to list credentials but its li lolol li not ls


Understanding Web Technology - Hardvard Lecture

This is a perfect and fun lecture from Harvard that will recap everything we’ve learned and will in some of the gaps you currently might have about HTML.

between will and in i think you forgot the word fill

Hi everyone,

My code in Atom is correct but when i save and try to open in a browser (I’ve tried several), nothing shoes up just a blank white page.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

thanks in advance.

I enclosed the image in the paragraph tag and it worked just like using break to set it on a new line.
This was before I watched the vid though. Obviously I see now using break is easier.

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Opinions on using Sublime 2/3? I got more accustomed to Sublime since I had a bad experience with Atom on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I’m tempted in using Sublime 3 too - Have had not so good experience with Atom in the past (kept crashing for some reason?).
I guess it doesn’t matter which editor we use, as long as we type the same content as Ivan shows in the videos, and then save the file with the correct type (.html).
If you have zero experience with programming though, perhaps sticking with Atom will be better, as it will be potentially easier to follow along.

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